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  • How to use invoice payment terms to get paid faster
    How can you use invoice payment terms to get paid faster

    The most critical focus of a business should be its consistent cash flow. And one of the primary factors that impact your cash flow is your invoice payment terms. Payment terms define how, when, and by which method your customers make payments to your business. By judiciously deciding on this…

    5 mins read
  • What to look for in an invoicing software
    What to look for in an invoicing software: A small business guide

    Be it startups cheering on their first successful sale or enterprises aiming to up their profit thresholds, invoicing is a necessity for any business. Companies used to hire dedicated resources to handle bills and invoices manually, but with the advent of technology and automation, manual invoice management has become a thing…

    5 mins read
  • 6 Reasons why the best warehouse management systems are on the cloud 

    Managing a warehouse is a crucial task for any business that deals with inventory or logistics. A warehouse management system (WMS) is a powerful solution that streamlines and automates the process of managing a warehouse by helping businesses organize and regulate their daily operations in an efficient way. However, a…

    4 mins read
  • What is mobile invoicing
    What is Mobile Invoicing?

    We live in a tech-driven world where mobile devices have become a near-ubiquitous thing, where a few clicks get many jobs done, both in our personal and professional life. With remote work becoming prevalent across industries, businesses across the globe are leaning towards mobile devices to manage their business operations,…

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  • Methods of inventory tracking
    Top 5 Ways to Streamline Warehouse Operations

    According to the Market Share Analysis and Data for 2021–2022, warehouse management is the second-most important inventory management technique, accounting for nearly 50% of all inventory management practices. Effective warehouse management increases the efficiency of a business, transforming it into a proficient machine that maximizes profits and minimizes costs. Whether…

    5 mins read
  • Zoho Books Survey 2022: Benefits of Cloud Accounting
    Zoho Books Research: Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software Report 2022

    Over the last few years, the accounting domain has witnessed a lot of changes—from using the traditional methods like legacy based accounting systems to using cloud accounting applications. In today's digital era, it is imperative for businesses to adapt to technological advancements and, in turn, be agile in their operations.…

    3 mins read
  • Zoho Inventory content
    Warehouse Management System (WMS) FAQ – An overview

    1. What is warehouse management? Warehouse management is the process of optimizing and regulating the operations and storage of items in a warehouse. The process begins when inventory enters the facility and continues until it is sold, consumed, or relocated. Like production management, warehouse management aims to organize all operations…

    1 mins read
  • Zoho Inventory content
    What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

    Any large, sophisticated logistics or supply chain business must optimize, monitor, and manage warehousing and distribution tasks. These tasks include yard management, dock scheduling, order management, inventory management, and much more. Manual techniques like stock counts and spreadsheets complicate these tasks. For example, as a business owner, manual inventory counts…

    6 mins read