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    What is Cross-border Ecommerce?

     1. What is cross-border ecommerce? As the name suggests, cross-border ecommerce is the process of selling products or services to an international audience, using an online or ecommerce store or platform. While cross-border ecommerce is specific to online sales, there is also another process called cross-border commerce, which refers to…

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    What is 3PL?

    In a supply chain, logistics can be described as the links between each stage that help bring together all of the materials, resources, inventory, equipment, and manpower needed to operate your business. In the case of small and even medium-sized businesses, an organization usually chooses to build out their [logistics…

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  • Simplify your order management with Zoho Inventory
    Simplify your Order Management with Zoho Inventory

    Order management refers to receiving all of your customer’s orders and fulfilling each one of them successfully. A typical order management workflow can be split into 3-stages that we talk about in detail in our basics of order management guide. But in brief, Stage 1 is where your customer places an order…

    6 mins read
  • What is Churn rate?
    What is churn rate? – Types, Calculation & Industry benchmarks

    The subscription business landscape has witnessed exponential growth over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. As a result, companies no longer compete with a handful but with hundreds of subscription businesses. With new competitors offering attractive alternatives and testing your customers’ loyalty, you must be innovative…

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    The Basics of B2C Ecommerce

    What is B2C ecommerce? B2C business-to-consumer ecommerce,  also called retail ecommerce, is a business model that involves sales between online businesses and consumers. B2C ecommerce is one of four major ecommerce business models, the other three being B2B (business-to-business), C2B (consumer-to-business), and C2C (consumer-to-consumer). A popular example of a B2C ecommerce…

    4 mins read
  • What is subscription revenue forecasting?
    What is subscription revenue forecasting?

    Revenue forecasting is the process of estimating the total revenue your business will generate over a specific period. It uses concrete facts to provide actionable insights and help you decide and plan effectively. A realistic forecast can take your business to new heights and sustain it through changing market dynamics.…

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  • What is subscription revenue forecasting?
    What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – Definition, Formula, Calculation with Examples

    New customers are always exciting, but which ones are contributing most to your revenue growth? The customer who makes a one-time purchase worth $1000 or the one who makes repeated purchases of $50 for several years? It turns out that a customer who makes small yet repeated purchases for years…

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  • Decentralized purchasing
    What is decentralized purchasing?

    What is decentralized purchasing? With this model, purchasing control is granted to local branches or sites instead of being managed by a centralized unit. The branch/site managers have the authority to purchase items based on their branch's requirements. The decentralized purchasing model is usually adopted by businesses that are geographically…

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